CARTO leads the world of Location Intelligence, empowering any organization and individual to discover and predict key insights through location data. With CARTO’s intuitive location intelligence platform, analysts and developers build self-service location based apps that help optimize operational performance, strategic investments, and everyday decisions.

As part of the Demand Generation team my main responsibilities were to create inbound and outbound strategies to generate leads and ultimately opportunities for our sales team. These strategies helped us reach new markets, promote new product features, generate PR, and re-engage existing customers. My responsibilities included:


I was responsible for planning and launching lead generation campaigns including webinars, case studies, partner marketing channels, customer success stories, email marketing, and on social media.

My two big milestones were taking the webinar program to the next level, as well as the video strategy for CARTO. I had successfully designed and implemented a webinar process that positioned CARTO as a thought leader in the geospatial industry.



Marketing automation was key to scale our inbound and outbound marketing efforts. I was responsible for developing and executing marketing campaigns designed to fill our lead funnel and nurture those leads for conversion to pipeline opportunities. These targeted programs were constructed with an awareness of the participants and personas in the buying cycle.


As a marketer focused on demand generation with a wide range of projects and responsibilities, I was constantly analyzing ROI and key metrics to improve our web forms and online marketing spend to effectively hit our goals.

Our website was our most effective channel for attracting the best users to our site. One of my main responsibilities was optimizing the website for SEO, the performance of landing pages, content, and product positioning across all web experiences. I also lead the revamp of the resources page by defining the structure and content navigation in order to optimize conversions.



CARTO’s partner network is crucial for the international expansion of the company. During my time at CARTO, I lead the partner co-marketing strategy, empowering our partner network with relevant leads and campaigns that contribute to our lead generation efforts. Together with the sales team, I standardized the marketing around CARTO’s partner program to drive new partner awareness and recruiting.


CARTO Locations is the world's biggest Location Intelligence summit. During this two-day event, hundreds of leaders, innovators, practitioners, and thought leaders from the global geospatial community come together to discuss how location data is disrupting business, governments, and society.

CARTO Locations Madrid

I had actively participated and been involved in several tasks during this annual summit in Madrid and New York. These events entailed an enormous effort for the entire company from the sales to design team, and of course, the marketing team (the project leaders :)). The first edition of CARTO Locations was held in 2017 in Madrid, and we took the learnings from this successful first edition and infused them into the second in 2018 held in both Madrid and New York. These two events in 2018 had a turnout of over 350 attendees, making CARTO Locations the biggest Location Intelligence summit to date.

My main responsibilities were leading the event sponsorship and the pre and post video production (promotional videos and videos interviews) of the events.

CARTO Locations New York
CARTO Locations
CARTO Locations